Requesting CHIS attestations

To get an attestation of CHIS membership, in your quality of retiree from CERN, write to

To receive the payment of your pension on a non-Swiss bank

The Pension Fund informed us about the possibility for a pensioner domiciled outside Switzerland to receive the transfers of his pension to a non-Swiss bank insofar as this bank has a branch in Switzerland.

The essential rule for the Pension Fund to make such transfers is that the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the bank account to which the transfer is to be made begins with the letters CH.

European banks having a Swiss subsidiary and agreeing to open an account with an IBAN of the type CH… … for a pensioner domiciled outside Switzerland can be accepted by the Pension Fund's payment system.

Some examples are known.

If you are having difficulty opening an account, you have the opportunity to become a member of the association AMFIE, the financial cooperative association of international civil servants.

Based in Luxembourg, this association offers services similar to those of a bank (credit card, savings, etc.). Many beneficiaries have already found this solution very practical.

Once the beneficiary is a member of AMFIE, the pension will be paid into that account in Switzerland and in Swiss francs.  Then it is possible to transfer the amount (automatically if desired) to another account in another currency of corresponding banks.

Full details on membership and financial services are available at:

Filling in the CHIS/UNIQA form

Uniqa presents an electronic claim form on its site.  This form msut be printed, signed and returned together with the supporting documents.  he form can also be filled in on a computer.

Note:  If you fill it on your computer, use exclusively the free progran "Acrobat Acrobat Reader".  Only this program will correctly change the bar code at the bottom of the first page to include your CERN id (CHIS ID).  If this code is not present, your claim will be treated with a certain delay.

Filling in Tax forms in France

See the page Impôt à la source en France

Since 2013 the exchange rate is fixed by the French tax office and appears on the instructions for the foreign salaries form.  Nevertheless we will continue to post it here:

For the declaration made in 2018 (income of 2017) the exchange rate is 0.89EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2017 (income of 2016) the exchange rate is 0.93EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2016 (income of 2015) the exchange rate is 0.87EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2015 (income of 2014) the exchange rate is 0.82EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2014 (income of 2013) the exchange rate is 0.82EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2013 (income of 2012) the exchange rate is 0.83EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2012 (income of 2011) the exchange rate is 0.81EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2011 (income of 2010) the exchange rate is 0.73EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2010 (income of 2009) the exchange rate is 0.67EUR/CHF

For the declaration made in 2009 (income of 2008) see CERN
Staff Asociation