GAC-EPA AGM 2018 — Preparation

  1. Display the presentations in the 16:9 aspect ratio of the auditorium's screen:
    do not use full-screen mode, leave that mode if necessary.
    adjust the size of the window so that you see the entire red border of this page, and there is no white space around it;  begin by adjusting the window's width, then adjust the height.  The absolute size of the window has no importance, only the width/height proportion.
  2. arrows
  3. Navigate in the presentations with the arrow keys at the bottom right of your keyboard:

    only the left-arrow and the right-arrow keys have effect:  they will let you go from one screen to the next and back over the total set of "slides".
  4. Begin with the "right-arrow" key to go to the first "slide".  On Friday at 14:30 behaviour will be exactly the same.