GAC-EPA — Groupement des Anciens du CERN-ESO Pensioners' Association

Access to CERN Visitor WiFi



When at CERN, you can use the Visitor WiFi to connect to the internet.  This is only valid for one day, and you need to have a mobile phone with SMS reception and a valid e-mail address.  Here is how you do it:

Connect to CERN Visitor

Go to your device's WiFi settings.

Look for CERN Visitor and connect to it.

Go to your device's web browser.  This brings up a panel.

Agree to the conditions

panel 1
panel 1

Click the "I agree" button.

Give the necessary information

A second panel comes up with some fields to fill in:

login panel
login panel

Fill in the fields with your mobile phone number and your e-mail address.

Have your phone ready.

Click the Request Access Code button and wait for the SMS with a four-digit code.  Note that if it is your phone you want to connect, then the code message may show up only very briefly, so be prepared to remember that code!

Fill in the code and press the Wi-Fi login button.

A final panel shows up:

Final redirect panel

The last panel tells you that you will be redirected:

Redirection panel
Redirection panel

This panel may stay there for quite a while, be patient.  It may also disappear after just a few seconds.

Your device is now connected to the internet.