GAC-EPA Member Bulletin Board

A space for YOU

Dear members of the GAC-EPA,

To improve communication between members, and on request of several of you, we have installed an electronic "Bulletin Board" (also known as a "Forum") where you can post messages.  Basically, it is a place open to our members where they can find each other while making their comments, ideas and findings available to all other members.  It is a space four YOU.

What could you do on the bulletin board?

You might:

But this is not an exhaustive list, your own ideas may be much farther ranging.

How difficult is it to participate?

It is sufficient to ask for a subscription.  You will then be given an identity (name + password) to access the bulletin board.

You can then log on and view any forum, any topic, any discussion that is going on.  You can reply to posts, start a new topic, ask for a new subject forum and so on.

All you need is a computer with access to the internet through a normal web browser like the one you are using to read this page.


The bulletin board is open only to members of the GAC-EPA.  To avoid abuses by other persons and internet "robots", all access is moderated.  That means that each subscription and each posting of a message is cleared by a human moderator.

Requirement:  you must choose a reasonable name, which must at least include your family name if that is unambiguous, but preferably your first name followed by your family name.  Any nicknames such as Fifi or Bobby will be rejected. Combinations that are unrecognisable to other members of the GAC-EPA, such as dfr234 will also be rejected. 

NOTE:  the GAC-EPA Forum is an experiment in communications between members of the GAC-EPA. The use of the Forum will be reviewed in a few months time in the light of its popularity, the ways in which it is used by the members, and the amount of work it generates for the Moderator.  The conditions of use of the Forum will also be reviewed.  We count on your cooperation and understanding.

How to start

Read the instructions.  It's fairly simple.

What you can do for us

If you like the bulletin board, you can tell other pensioners who may be interested about its existence or about topics they may like.

You can also give feedback to us, we always like to hear positive comments and suggestions.

Wishing you a nice bulletin board experience,

Your webmaster,
R. Cailliau.