GAC-EPA Member Bulletin Board

Attention:  the GAC-EPA Bulletin Board is an experiment in communications between members of the GAC-EPA. The use of the Bulletin Board will be reviewed in a few months time in the light of its popularity, the ways in which it is used by the members, and the amount of work it generates for the Moderator.  The conditions of use of the Bulletin Board will also be reviewed.  We count on your cooperation and understanding.

How to Use the Bulletin Board

Where it is

The Bulletin Board is at . (Open this link in a new browser window by right-clicking and choosing "Open in a new window", so that you can continue to read these instructions while registering.)


The first thing to do is register.

Requirement:  please use your real name, not some weird pseudonym!  Remember that:

  1. the Moderator will need to certify that you are a GAC-EPA member, so anyone trying to register with names that cannot be matched to the membership list will automatically be rejected.
  2. in any case probably you want your user name to be recognised by your old colleagues,
  3. the Bulletin Board is open only to GAC-EPA members, so you should not be afraid to use your real name.

A good rule is to use your first and last names, separated by a dot, and to use hyphens between your first names if you want to use more than one. Good names are: Jean-Marie Dupont john.smith

Bad names that will be rejected are:

dup38j fifi wickedman

If you know your name is ambiguous with some other colleague, add an extra first name of your choice.

You register by clicking the "register" link:

You will then see a page:

where you can select a language from a choice of 15 languages (unfortunately not all the languages spoken by our members are available, but we did our best to get the largest coverage).

The language you choose on the registration page will be the language the Bulletin Board software will use for you each time you log in (this can be changed later if desired).

Note that only the terms of the English and French versions have been adapted to the terms of the GAC-EPA, in the other languages the terms are still the general ones of the original forum software.

Click the button "I agree to these terms" to proceed to the fill-in form:

Wait for the Moderator to approve your membership of the Bulletin Board; you will receive an e-mail.


If you have never used a Bulletin Board before, the terminology may not be obvious.

The smallest item is a message, put on the forum by a member.  This is called a "post". Posts belong to a certain "topic", i.e. all messages about a certain subject are grouped together so those who post about it can consult them easily.  To make a post you will therefore first have to select a topic related to your message.  Topics themselves are grouped in "forums", e.g. there may be several topics like "volunteers", "badges", … all grouped in the forum "CERN Open Day".  Finally several forums can be grouped into a "category", e.g. "CERN Today" or "History".

The set of categories itself is known as the "Board" on which everything is posted.

At the moment we have one single category called "General", with three Forums called Requests, Seek Colleague and Found:

Subject management

Bulletin Board members can post on forums and create new topics there, but creation of a new forum or a new category is something only the Moderator can do.  You can however post a request to create a new forum or category, and the Moderator will take your request into account as possible.

To post on an existing forum or an existing topic, click the desired forum in the list.

Each message you post will be put in a queue for approval.  The Moderator will then approve or reject the message, and you will be notified of this action.

Your account

At any time you may change the information the Bulletin Board has about you by clicking the link to your user control panel:

Here you find several tabs each with a panel:

Some settings are not accessible for security reasons.

Subscribing to a forum or topic

Once you have found an interesting topic, or you have posted a message, you will normally want to be notified by e-mail if anyone else posts a message on the same topic or forum.

To do this you click on the little button "Subscribe Forum" at the bottom of a topic page:

(note that there is an error in the Bulletin Board software:  the checkbox is already ticked, it should not be, in fact the ticked box should not be there at all, just ignore it.)

You can at any time stop a subscription by switching it off either at the bottom of the same topic:

(and again the tick box should not be there at all, ignore it); or you can use your user control panel and manage your subscriptions.

Have fun!