Susanne Muratori

Susanne Régine Muratori — 1933-2018

Susanne Muratori passed away on 2 May 2018.

Sad news for members of the former Track Chamber (TC), Experimental Facilities (EF), and the Accelerator Technology (AT) Divisions.

Susanne Muratori joined the adventure of the formative years of CERN in 1955 following her studies at the "Ecole d'Interpretes".  She was first recruited at the Purchasing Office, and later moved to the PS Division.  She joined the then newly created Track Chamber Division in 1961 (previously a Group in the PS Division).  She soon became the head and soul of secretarial administration for the three above successive Divisions.  Before retirement she joined the CERN Directorate as administrative personal assistant.

Colleagues at CERN, as well as numerous visiting CERN scientists, will remember Susanne for her great professionalism, her constant concern for other people and the warm and humorous way in which she tackled and solved problems, private or work related.

Susanne will be fondly remembered as an intelligent, profoundly human and exceptional “Cernoise”.

Her passion for classical music lead to the foundation of the CERN Music Club in collaboration with the former CERN Director General Victor Weisskopf.

Our sincere condolences go to her husband Giovanni and her son Bruno and family.