Gert Günter Harigel

Dr. Gert Günter Harigel — 1930-2014

Dr. Gert Günter Harigel passed away on 23 September 2014

Gert Harigel studied physics at the Universities of Marburg and Würzburg, where he obtained his Ph.D with the topic: "Penetration of electrons through matter", work performed with a bubble chamber, a newly developed detector in the early years of the 1960s.

In 1965 he joined at CERN the newly set up Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC) project group to participate in the construction of this bubble chamber.  His entire scientific work until his retirement in 1995 was devoted to physics and development of new techniques around bubble chambers.  Much of his contributions, presentations and publications on these topics can be found in the scientific literature.  As visiting professor at US Universities (Columbia NY and Hawaii) and several years at Fermilab (Chicago ), Gert Harigel remained attached to CERN as honorary staff member and to Geneva, which he called “an El Dorado for people ready to work for a combination of science and society”, giving him unique chances to participate in numerous Non-Governmental Organizations, among them the Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI), the Swiss Pugwash Group (ASP), the International School of Disarmament and Research on Conflicts (ISODARCO).

In 1991 he participated in the Inaugural Conference for “International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility” (INES) at Berlin.

His colleagues and friends who miss him