Jacques Billan

Jacques Billan   - 2009


Jacques Billan came to CERN in 1969 as an Electronician Engineer and an Engineer of «Arts et Métiers».  According to his vocational training he immediately took part in the conception and development of new magnetic measurement benches for the CERN magnets.  His involvements have thus been essential in the biggest projects such as ISR, LEP and LHC. Most of his contributions revealed themselves as challenges.  The de-magnetization in-situ of the 27 km vacuum chambers of the LEP was one of them.  The magnetic measurement benches for the LHC super-conducting magnets, the development of which he actively participated, allowed to validate the magnetic qualities of those magnets which are confirmed with the beams of particles.

Jacques was expert in magnetic measurements recognized not only at CERN, but in the whole world.  Becoming Mister Magnetic Materials he gave courses about this subject, but never boasting, never playing the superior scientist.

Since his retirement in 2005, when we faced problems, he readily came with advices and found solutions for us.  We still met twice a year and were happy to discuss with him about his recent settlement in Valromey, so lovely to his spouse, about his new home, his bee-hives and his numerous voluntary activities, such as in the club of astronomy at Sutrieu…

We all have appreciated, besides his competence of course, his constant willingness to help, his great kindness and his nice simplicity.  But nevertheless it is his heart, which we considered so great, which suddenly betrayed him in the flight in helicopter which transported him from the hospital of Belley to the hospital of Lyon, on the 7th of October 2009.

We deeply regret his premature passing on, and express to Anne and to his family all our sympathy and condolences.

His former colleagues and friends