Robert Muzelier

Robert Muzelier
Robert Muzelier — 1933-2009


The sudden passing away of Robert Muzelier, on the 15th of February, has touched us profoundly.

"Dear Robert, on the 6th of February you were still among us, participating in the activities of the GAC-EPA Committee;  we scarcely imagined then that you would leave us so suddenly;  we are in shock."

Robert entered CERN on 14 January 1957 for a long career and active professional life in the Finance Division.  He took up responsibilities in the CERN-ESO Pensioners' Association to tackle and defend with determination the rights and interests of the pensioners, particularly in the domain of Health Insurance.  Indeed, he had joined the CHIS-Board as soon as he retired in August 1998, and he participated also with vigour in the meetings of the Commission on Social Protection.

We will forever remember Robert as a loyal and endearing friend and we wish to express to his wife our sincerest and deep-felt sympathy.

The GAC-EPA Committee