Frank H. Doughty — 19.. - 2005

Frank joined CERN in 1957.  As a young lad he had started at the bottom of the ladder and became an experienced specialist in high precision grinding at the UKAEA (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority).  At CERN he worked initially in the Central Workshop, then at the PS Linac. In 1962 he became the mechanical technician in charge of the first large neutrino experiment.  In 1963 he joined the Technical Assistance Group in the NP Division where he was responsible for supervising the Mechanical Lab and its staff until he retired.

Frank was a competent, intelligent and likeable person.  He was soft-spoken and treated everybody with respect, regardless of their hierarchical position.  At the UKAEA he had been "shop steward" and had learned to obtain results through persuasion, never resorting to authority.  He was mild and tactful but would defend his positions in a firm and clear way.  He had an eye for sorting out difficulties before they became serious.  He defended people and principles in a quiet, unassuming way.  If anything had gone wrong he would work until the causes would be identified and corrected.  In the case of people, he would be happy only if the person could be restored to a good level of confidence and efficiency.  Many saw their problems solved, but only few realized how much effort and patience Frank had invested in their case, acting more as a friend than a colleague.

Frank had an outstanding, almost uninhibited sense of humour.  He was a Londoner, very attached to his town and proud of its fierce resistence during the most difficult years of the war. From this period he derived an interest for history and was particularly well read in the world events of the last century.

Above all Frank was a man of wisdom and, in this field, definitely our senior. We learned a lot, and still have to learn, from his example.

His friends and colleagues