Henri Bertrand

Henri Bertrand  —  19.. - 2005

Henri Bertrand, or Riquet as he was known to his friends and colleagues in the old NP Division, started working at CERN in 1963 in the Technical Assistance Group at the start of a new neutrino experiment. Officially a mechanic, he participated in a number of projects where he left the mark of his intelligence and professional capacities.

He participated in the construction of large automatic cameras and of spark chambers with both parallel plate and thin foil walls. Eventually he became a specialist in the construction of multi-wire proportional chambers and it was in this capacity that he became known to a whole generation of physicists.
Each activity he undertook was marked by a determination to succeed, be it a difficult soldering operation, the repair of delicate mechanical pieces or even building a house. Many of us came to appreciate his advice and became his friends.

We will remember his lively spirit, his sense of humour, his courteous and open cordiality. His adolescence had been marked by the Second World War, during which his father, a railway worker, helped many people to escape to Switzerland. This experience was perhaps at the origin of his wisdom and humanity.
These qualities will always remain in our memory.

His friends and colleagues