Ernst Hugi

Ernst Hugi  —  1924-2004

We learned with great sadness that our colleague, Ernst Hugi, died on 8th March 2004.

Following a period of technical work in India, Ernst Hugi joined the CERN's Engineering Division during the early days of the laboratory. He worked on technical aspects of the PS where he was concerned with the installation and subsequent operation of the cooling systems for the accelerator and its surrounding experimental areas.

He went on to look after the ISR cooling systems before joining the SPS Division at the beginning of the project where he studied and installed cooling and air conditioning systems for the new machine and its experimental areas.  The large amount of heat to be eliminated meant that he had to work closely with the Geneva cantonal authorities to obtain cooling water taken from the lake by the new Vengeron installations.  Because of his concern for the environment, he was very aware of the problems of wastewater disposal.  He looked after these installations until his long, productive and interesting career ended in 1989.

Many of his numerous and important achievements remain in use today, providing evidence to young engineers of Ernst Hugi's technical skills and the great care he took in carrying out his work.

On retirement, he went to live in the peaceful and unspoiled Jura mountains.  We hope that living in an environment that he loved so much helped him during the final difficult period of his life.

We owe Ernst a great debt of gratitude for his contribution to the development of the Pensioner's Association by launching our monthly permanences that continue to be very appreciated by CERN pensioners.

We shall remember him as a skilled and conscientious engineer, able to establish excellent relations with his colleagues.

O. Bayard