Dave Warner

David James Warner  —  1934–2003

It was with great sadness that we learned that our friend and former colleague passed away on Christmas Eve.

David J.Warner joined the CERN Linac Group of the Proton Synchrotron (PS) Division in 1965, already an accomplished accelerator physicist having worked on proton linacs at the University College in London and at Rutherford High Energy Laboratory. At the former institute he had studied science and earned his PhD.

The PS division remained the home basis for his 34 year long distinguished career at CERN. He participated with substantial contributions in all major linac projects of CERN: the new 50 MeV proton linac (Linac2) completed in 1978, the electron-positron LEP Injector Linac (LIL) operating from 1987 to 2001 and the Heavy Ion Linac (Linac3) which will serve, like Linac2, the LHC for the next decades. In his last years at CERN, David contributed to one of the visions of CERN’s far-future, the study of a Multi-TeV electron-positron Collider (CLIC).

David’s work had a wide span: it covered beam dynamics and calculations of linac structures, comparison of simulations with measurements, practical design and construction proposals, and work in the control rooms. He combined a thorough theoretical understanding with a strong sense for practical and pragmatic solutions. He was a leading member both of the team that set up the collaboration with LAL for LIL and the one that built Linac3.

His independent and original thinking, his competence, high standards and proverbial integrity made him the kind, respected man whose advice was often sought.

Through his natural kindness he made it a pleasure and privilege to work with him. We shall deeply miss his friendship.

Kurt Hübner