Renie Adams

Renie Adams — 1920–2002

(original: English)
Renie, Lady Adams, who died on 30 September, was the widow of Sir John Adams, a former Staff Member and Director-General of CERN. As a beneficiary of the CERN Pension Fund, she was a member of GAC and took an interest in its affairs. In 1998, Renie was elected as one of the Auditors of our Association, but was unable to take up this appointment because of ill health.

In 1974, she founded the CERN Women's Club, which, in addition to its normal club activities, has since helped many newcomers' wives to settle into the Geneva area. She played an important role in supporting her husband in his contacts with CERN personnel at all levels, with the CERN Council and its committees, as well as with visiting dignitaries from all parts of the world.

Renie was interested in everything around her and was always ready to help her friends and family alike. Her warm personality and easy manner will be missed by all those who knew her.