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Fred Asner


Fred Asner — 1924–2002

(original: French)

Our friend and colleague Fred Asner died 25 October in his 79th year after a long, cruel illness endured with courage and optimism.

Coming from Zagreb in Croatia he obtained his diploma in engineering in 1951. Fred worked in Switzerland from 1955 onwards, obtaining a Doctorat ès Sciences Techniques at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Zürich in 1960. The same year he joined CERN.

He was passionately involved in his work in the construction of all kinds of magnets and participated in many projects: magnets for the PS and SPS experimental areas as well as special magnets, kicker magnets and septum magnets for the Booster.

In the superconductivity field, he worked on CERN's first superconducting quadrupole magnet and in the handing on of the technology to industry. After retirement in 1989 he remained active as a consultant to and a collaborator with several institutes and laboratories. He always remained attached to his native Croatia, encouraging it to join CERN as a member state.

In 1999 his book High Field Superconducting Magnets appeared in the Oxford Science Publications Series.

Fred was intensely curious about all aspects of life, very well informed on world events, possessed of a great musical and literary culture (he spoke 5 languages). Conversation with this very sociable man was always rich, instructive and agreeable. He will be missed by his colleagues and friends.